Purpose and Vision

In accordance with the Trust’s obligations, as set out in its Articles of Association, the Trustees consider the following to be of primary importance: 

  1. To disseminate and advance, where possible in collaboration with the Courtauld Institute of Art (“The Courtauld”), the experience, appreciation and understanding of the visual arts through the UK and abroad, by making the collection owned by the SCT (the “Collection”) accessible to the broadest possible audiences, including for research and study. 
  2. To co-operate with the Courtauld to ensure high standards of care and stewardship for the Collection, enabling it to serve its purposes in perpetuity. 
  3. To encourage, promote, and facilitate a generous lending policy, where possible, in the UK and abroad, in order to share the Collection with wide and diverse audiences and, in doing so, to further Samuel Courtauld’s fundamental and profound belief that art should be an uplifting and unifying influence amongst people and society as a whole. 
  4. To seek, where possible in collaboration with The Courtauld, to ensure that the Collection continues to be one of the UK’s great art collections, with wide public appeal and relevance, by stimulating public engagement with the Collection and by encouraging further bequests and donations of works of art, as well as direct purchases to complement and enhance the existing Collection; and  
  5. To co-operate with The Courtauld to mount first-class exhibitions which combine scholarly quality and wide-ranging appeal, while also encouraging further research of the Collection to amplify the relevance and study of the visual arts to society.

[1 March 2023]